Transdisciplinary Artist who was born and raised in Colombia and lived as a teenager between Colombia and England. Later on she travelled and lived in Argentina and other countries in the world. Her Art derives from a mix of cultures, flavours and rhythms. Being from mixed race and with a Latin Caribbean Spirit, her creations reflect the experience of femininity without any limits, showing her in her vastness and freedom. She is inspired by her personal history, her experience as a woman who inhabits this society, in her way of doing Alchemy in her own process of evolution, in what happens in the environment that surrounds her and in her vision of life. Morazul’s style is a mixture between Tropical Surrealism and Cosmic Visionary Art.
Through a mixture of disciplines such as Visual Arts, Performance Art, Costume Design, Dance, Installations, Artistic Makeup, Biology, Electronic Arts and Quantum Theories among others, and with a vast number of materials and techniques from different fields; this Artist reveals the distinct evolutionary states of human existence, consciousness and transcendence. Her Art is charged with symbolism of primitive civilizations, galactic races, tropical nature and different cultural imaginary elements from multi-dimensional and esoteric nature. She focuses on topics such as divinity in all beings, the experience of femininity, the conscious/unconscious, the healing process, the union and relationship between all living beings and all forms of nature, the urban contemporary and indigenous tribes, the evolution and significance towards the master of being, the oneiric world and the channeling of dreams and guides, eroticism and enjoyment of being free and wild, the ritual and meeting with one’s own being in distinct dimensions, the power animals, galactic matters, tropical nature, astrology and cosmic love among other subjects.

Always in constant evolution with a great passion for Graffiti, saturated, fluorescent and pastel colors, textures and holographic materials, strong contrasts, spray paint, organic forms, light atmospheres, the creation of Multi-Sensorial Experiences, Interactive Art, Dance and everything that shines. She really likes to create Art in the urban environment since she finds that it is everyone’s home, it’s a place where Art reaches everyone regardless of social distinctions of any kind in their daily life and for free. It is also really cool to create Art in the streets as an exchange and relationship occurs between the artist and the people who pass or inhabit that place. However, she also finds great attraction for interior spaces as she can generate more intimate atmospheres and use several techniques in much more malleable spaces.

She is considered a “Graffiti Queen”, her actual urban stamp is “Glitter Graffiti“ which is causing a stir in streets around the world as well as the “Empowering Bombing”. With artworks on a small format she is developing “Circuit Art” and in Urban Performance is a pioneer in Audiovisual Productions such as “Graffiti Twerk” and “Graffiti Dance”. She is venturing into Installations and Mural Projects that include the exploration of several human senses by using a variety of endless materials and innovative techniques as well as Happenings of a mystical, primitive and technological nature. As an Illustrator she navigates the digital / traditional world and ventures into Animation collaborations.

Morazul created her Academy where she offers workshops, courses, conferences and events. Also she has her Store where you’ll find pieces of Fine Art as well as her Art taken to the Industrial Design field, the Clothing and Jewellery Design among others; always emerging from an esoteric, tropical view and high end vision. She develops projects with art galleries, festivals, organizations and public or private clients. She makes works of Art for personal projects with her vision and also artistic pieces channeled especially for the people who request them. Morazul is always open to partner with other professionals and brands to create new magical and colorful projects.

Morazul’s mission is to spread Love, Colours, Unity, Peace, Joy and Freedom around the world. She believes that through Art the Revolution of Divine Consciousness can be awakened, breaking all the borders that separate us and creating an awareness of unity and respect among all living beings. She also believes that Art has the ability to make viewers feel, reflect and transform themselves and their reality doing Alchemy by raising their vibration in their highest connection with their True Essence and Inner Power. As well as being inspired to live fully, have fun, play and create the best version of themselves to express in the Harmonic Dance of the Divine Creation.

💖 A woman who stays true to herself and keeps it real. Who channels, expresses and lives in Art, creating pieces that transport those who experience them to where they want to go 💖.