Twerk-it Fire Graffiti

Divine Feminine Goddess


Personal Work in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Director, Concept Creator, Art Direction, Performance, Dance

Spray paint, enamel paint, glitter and makeup



In this piece of Video Art, Morazul was the Director and she worked with a marvelous team to bring to life what she envisioned. She aimed to create a piece of Art where many Art techniques were involved so that the Magic developed with a gratter fierce. Here are some words from the Divine Feminine Goddess: 


💖“One day you have the conscience to decide. You decide whether to die or live.

I, the Feminine Consciousness chose to live. I woke up in a Twerk battle, there were millions of Beings (women and men) expressing their erotic and sensual nature, I moved my curves, I unleashed, I freed me, I desired myself …

I felt so much  happiness when I left prison, by my own impulse to wake up, from my will I manifest myself. My consciousness in those united Beings was strengthened and thus they lit their Fire, they awakened the Jaguar from their Heart.

I decided and chose my place in the world, I awakened my Supreme Power of Autonomy, Creation and Realization. I am the Queen, Imperious, Brilliant and Majestic.