A woman who stays true to herself and keeps it real

Morazul is a Latin American Transdiciplinary Artist. In her Art she is inspired by the Femenine Essence and it’s wild and erotic nature; as well as in the Alchemy process of the Divine Evolution Consciousness. Her Art is disruptive, imposing and innovative. With an Urban and Classy style, she creates pieces of Art that take the viewer to a surreal and fantasy world. She is known for her passion for color, glitter and everything that shines. She is a pioneer as a feminine presence in the Latin American Street Art scene, also known for crossing the boundary between Fine Art and Street Art as well as her Video Art projects where Visual and Performance Art converge. Now days you can see her Art around the globe in collaboration with Art Galleries and International Festivals as well as Private and Public Clients.

“I inspire and motivate other beings through my art to connect with their own powers and shine from there. To join with others and become part of The Pleasure Alchemist Tribe”


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