The Academy is a place in which you are going to find an offer of Workshops, Courses, Conferences and Events that Morazul creates for everyone to enjoy. She is always creating new formats of innovative, playful, multi-sensory, proposals for participants to get to know themselves through Art and other Magical Disciplines. In some occasions she partners with other professionals, organizations or brands to create a much more wide variety of proposals which complement each other. The different offers are held in different places around the world and the theme and duration may vary.

We believe that through Art the Revolution of Divine Consciousness can be awakened, in this way our proposals are aligned with the intention of helping you to connect with your True Essence. As you join us you’ll become part of The Alchemist Tribe. Through these proposals magic happens, you connect with your creative power, your creativity expands and you also acquire knowledge, new techniques and experiences.


Workshops/ Courses:

You will find an offer of unique, playful and innovative offers which will lead you to connect with your True Essence, express freely and share your imagination, your magic, your ideas, your feelings and everything that you want; there is no limit in Art. The proposals will be orientated to discover the Artist in you in order for you to create your own artistic world. You will learn different techniques from different fields of knowledge, to explore your creativity and create works of Art for different projects either public or private. You will learn to create artistic projects that have a solid conceptual proposal as well as an exquisite and unique technical resolution.



The goal is to focus on a specific topic that adds real quality value to your life. Our speakers are experts in the topics to be discussed. Our imagination is wide so the proposals will be very creative, multi-sensory and transcendental. Always from a magical point of view, we will focus our energy on offering you happy proposals that lead you to build yourself as a professional and as a human. They will contain a rich variety of theoretical material, as well as practical and playful exercises. These conferences will enrich you and your life.



These are different proposals where we offer a rich variety of services together, all aligned with the same intention for you to enjoy in community. We create events with magical and joyful atmospheres of multi-sensory characteristics where you will be free to express yourself, learn, play and discover new offers of proposals that lead you to connect with your True Essence, with your Artist and your Inner Power. There is also a different variety of lovely products made with lots of knowledge and love for you to take home. As we unite in Cosmic Unity, we become The Alchemist Tribe.

💖 ¡Everyone is welcome to join The Alchemist Tribe! 💖


To receive information about the fantastic proposals of the upcoming workshops, courses, conferences or events, or if you are interested in managing a proposal of Morazul in your place. Please send a message through the Contact Form below or send us an email and we will communicate shortly 💜.

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